Hello! We're Susan and Craig.

 We were just like you. For years we struggled along in relationships which began well, but ended up in disappointment and frustration.

 Now we experience the, "I never dreamed this was possible" kind of love and we can show you how! We will help you to achieve your goal.

 We are certified Life Coaches with 10 years of experience, offering a wide range of personal and relationship coaching services. They are all  designed to help you get the love and life you deserve. 

Whether you're looking for a small tweak or complete relationship re-do, we've got you covered! 

There is a MANual for the guys (check out mansquest.com), and a soon to be published book for you gals:

The Formula© Finally Get The Love YouWant. 

fast-track plan

Let's devise a plan to get you the life you want starting now. Once you understand why the old strategies aren't working, it will be easier to create the life and love you truly desire!


Compassionate, non-judgemental coaching will support your goals and help you create the life you really want

About US 

​What We Do



​We are honored to have facilitated deep, fulfilling, lasting love, health issues resolved and family issues mended through insightful, powerful coaching.

"Craig has been a major influence in my life for many years. In a big way, it is due to Craig's coaching that I am the empowered woman I am today.

His wisdom and understanding in regard to the meaning of life is amazing. He uses the power of his own transformation to teach others the way to a much deeper and more meaningful relationship.

I have watched him transcend limitations that beset most people. Upon meeting Susan, the two of them have created a most beautiful relationship, one most would envy.

You would be blessed to have this couple help you learn how to unlock the power of a relationship, the way it was meant to be, filled with honor and respect. In so doing, one gets their own needs met."

Nancy S.

Empowerment Educator/Speaker

Retreat Facilitator